Sunday, March 27, 2011

love you not ( part I )

I remember I had a discussion with someone that I couldnt
recall who already, the discussion was about " How can two
different persons stay together for good?!"
yep...BIG topic huh?!

How?!.... Love that person. well..yah... of course Love is a
must, but there also have many cases around me even those
couples were really in love with each other, but at the end,
thing just didnt work out, some of them lasted few months,
some of them lasted few years, even one of the couple I
know they lasted for 9 years..
Didnt they love enough, did they?

The matter is "Time" could be an angel or devil, when time
could heal your wound, but things could also be detroied by it.
so, to me love is a important foundation that two persons must
simply need, and then how they build up their relationship on
this foundation to agaist time makes thing dull, I think we need
to put effort on "the values in life" ( the goal ).

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