Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A dark hole

I don't know why I am so scare,
I feel that I am losing confident little by little everyday,
I wish I could talk to someone...
I don't know who I can talk to,

I wish I could talk to someone who know the feeling when
your interest seems never come back again...
I don't know who will understand the fear I am having now,

I tried, I have already tried to talk...
I am tired of people measure themselves against me,

I feel that peoples around me keep moving on,
but me, only I still staying at the same old spot,

I feel that I start to lose my steps again, no more lead,
just like a little kid who lose the parents,
so scare, so helpless, looking at the stranger's face,
keep reaching the face that I would recognize
darn not to move, darn not to talk, only keep silent,
stay at the spot, waiting hands will be held again,

I was so lucky once, I had found my way back,
I am afraid, this time I have fallen too deep in the dark already.

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