Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pray for this world

Disaster after disaster....
What are you doing when the world start to crumble?

I feel like I couldnt breath well when I read the news every
morning, it is tooo much!!! when the Japanese trying to do
their best to save the nuclear crisis after the terrible earthquake
and tsunami, even some of them have already prepared
themselves to sacrifice, on the other hand, how HK peoples
listent to the rumour crazy buying salt, how some of the bad
business men use this "difficult time" to make profit, sold some
fake medicines to some peoples who fear of getting affected by
the nuclear.
Where is their heart? what's in their mind?
or money, make profit really that big in their mind?

I am so lucky, peoples who I love, peoples who I care about,
they are all around me, I wish I could always remind myself that
I am such a lucky girl, the happiness I own now is not for granted,
so treasure everything I have, less complain and love more.

I wish all the best for Japan and this crumbling world..

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