Thursday, March 31, 2011

i just found out..........

This "email this" botton in Blogger is stupid,
if you just send the link of my blog out, why I need this
botton for!!!!!

I was stupid for trusting it = =...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

love you not ( part II )

Even how much I love a person, even how much I am in love
with him, if we dont have a common of value in life, I can
say this relationship will have a lot of noise.

Maybe it will take time to see clear the person you are staying
with, usually people is more flexible when they start a relatonship,
but staying with a person and hang out with a person, they are
completely different set of thing.

See the person by your heart, dont listen the way he or she talk,
get the meaning, focus on it. There is always too much emotions
that probably will turn you to get that person wrong, be calm,
be chill.

Respect the person like how you treat yourself, we all have a
same problem, always too kind to ourselevs, but always too
tough to others, when you have a standard to measure people,
then apply yourself in it, could you fit yourself in it?
ask yourself, be a honest person.

Compromise, love makes peoples turn to a softer person I guess,
when you really love someone, you wont feel too difficuit, but
compromise needs two parties to work together, if not, it will turn
to complains and unsatisfy. Relationship can never be ran by one
party..never work like that.

When you meet someone who love you exactly like you do, please
put more effort, when the world is crumbling slowly by slowly,
it is blessed when there have love around you.

I am not trying to say any big words, not trying to pretend,
not trying to throw my low quality opinion, just wanna say
somthing that what I have been learning from all those mistakes
I had made, turn out...I wouldn't have imagined before, I
become a completely different person who talk about LOVE.

A dark hole

I don't know why I am so scare,
I feel that I am losing confident little by little everyday,
I wish I could talk to someone...
I don't know who I can talk to,

I wish I could talk to someone who know the feeling when
your interest seems never come back again...
I don't know who will understand the fear I am having now,

I tried, I have already tried to talk...
I am tired of people measure themselves against me,

I feel that peoples around me keep moving on,
but me, only I still staying at the same old spot,

I feel that I start to lose my steps again, no more lead,
just like a little kid who lose the parents,
so scare, so helpless, looking at the stranger's face,
keep reaching the face that I would recognize
darn not to move, darn not to talk, only keep silent,
stay at the spot, waiting hands will be held again,

I was so lucky once, I had found my way back,
I am afraid, this time I have fallen too deep in the dark already.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

love you not ( part I )

I remember I had a discussion with someone that I couldnt
recall who already, the discussion was about " How can two
different persons stay together for good?!"
yep...BIG topic huh?!

How?!.... Love that person. well..yah... of course Love is a
must, but there also have many cases around me even those
couples were really in love with each other, but at the end,
thing just didnt work out, some of them lasted few months,
some of them lasted few years, even one of the couple I
know they lasted for 9 years..
Didnt they love enough, did they?

The matter is "Time" could be an angel or devil, when time
could heal your wound, but things could also be detroied by it.
so, to me love is a important foundation that two persons must
simply need, and then how they build up their relationship on
this foundation to agaist time makes thing dull, I think we need
to put effort on "the values in life" ( the goal ).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day and Night

why so dark...? bright...?

Are you trying hard enough?

Have you ever experienced that when life goes tough,
and you really want and need to talk, but nobody around
you seem have a second, especially the moment you
really need a listener, when you keep attacking by loneliness,
you feel no energy, you feel so down, not motivated at all,
you can see nothing in your mind, then you fall asleep,

So silent even there is so noisy outside,
So calm even there will have a lot of shits need to be handle,
So peace even there have a lot of angers in your stomach,

and then, you wake up, how do you wanna continus your

I choose to continus by trying even harder...this is what I
am doing.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pray for this world

Disaster after disaster....
What are you doing when the world start to crumble?

I feel like I couldnt breath well when I read the news every
morning, it is tooo much!!! when the Japanese trying to do
their best to save the nuclear crisis after the terrible earthquake
and tsunami, even some of them have already prepared
themselves to sacrifice, on the other hand, how HK peoples
listent to the rumour crazy buying salt, how some of the bad
business men use this "difficult time" to make profit, sold some
fake medicines to some peoples who fear of getting affected by
the nuclear.
Where is their heart? what's in their mind?
or money, make profit really that big in their mind?

I am so lucky, peoples who I love, peoples who I care about,
they are all around me, I wish I could always remind myself that
I am such a lucky girl, the happiness I own now is not for granted,
so treasure everything I have, less complain and love more.

I wish all the best for Japan and this crumbling world..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I wish the best for you

Adele, I really love this girl, her voice, her songs,
I am really touched by her talent.
The more that people critizing her figure,
the more I can see how real she is,
I wish we could see, listen and feel things more by our heart,
be openminded, be nice to the beautiful things
that left in this world.

Friday, March 4, 2011

This is how I wanna start all over again

continue to love me, never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved.
{ quotes by Ludwig van Beethoven }